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Power Deed NFT Ownership Gold Card


Power Deed NFT is a very prestigious real world application NFT deed where this NFT holders will be owners of Real Solar Power Plants and Solar Manufacturing Facilities around the world.


Imagine yourself owning a high tech solar manufacturing factory and solar power plant all around the world and saving the world at the same time. You can be that super hero that you always dreamt of through the power of this NFT.


Power Deed NFT is a deed title of active ownership in new solar power plants and solar manufacturing plants which is crowd funded by the community. This NFT can be bought, traded, sold, showcased on metaverse or held in cold storage without restrictions.


This deed is a proud portfolio on the existing NFT collection. This deed shows prove of this NFT holder is actively participating in efforts to provide not only green energy to the world and making a better world for the future generation but also saving the world.



Funds from Power Deed NFT FUNDS FLOW


You will be a proud owner of solar power plants and solar manufacturing production line in The Real World All Around The World Apart from holding a powerful flex card that can be used to show your responsibility as a person both in real world and metaverse , Ownership also grants –


1. Re-selling this power Deed NFT in future at higher price as we have a clear roadmap of increasing the price of this deed over time .


2. Margin of the profit from solar power plant and solar manufacturing factory, will be distributed to 50 Power Deed NFT holders every 3 month randomly. This will be ongoing forever as long as the solar power plant and solar manufacturing factory are operational. We want this to expend all over the world.


3. Be part of a movement that made a difference in saving the planet and the future generation to talk and be proud of it


4. Wear it as social responsibility badge in real world and on the metaverse


5. Pressuring people of interest , celebrities , NGO, government and parliament working members, high net worth individuals to have at least one deed as a sign of commitment in saving the world hence increasing the floor price of this NFT and grow our branding influence.


Before Launch

Power Deed NFT roadmap 1


After Launch

Power Deed NFT is a real world solution toward environment sustainability. This deed is the real flexing tool that can be used by celebrities, elite groups, high net worth groups, government and political personnel to show their true contribution towards a better world .


Having multiple Power Deed NFT shows level of commitment towards solving green gasses emission , green power generation, global warming and making the world a better place for future generation.


This NFT Power Deed shows and proves their responsibilities as a responsible individual that can be shown in the real world and on metaverse



Solar power is free source of energy and  is one of the most profitable per acre of land use compared to agriculture, the maintenance of solar farms is low compared to agriculture which requires much manpower and workers to plant and harvest crops.


Solar panels can last up to 75 years and guaranteed to work for 25 years and above. This create true value of the Power Deed NFT as every new solar farm built on the real world will be able to generate power for many years. The true value of this kind of infrastructure will hold Power Deed NFT value high over time.


We are heading towards making our own solar panels to be installed in our own solar farms. Whats interesting about this is, 95% of the material needed in solar panel manufacturing is silicon and silicon is 2nd most available material on earth. Hence whats stopping us from mass producing solar panels and expending the global needs of green evergy ?  



We want to create a solution for green energy production by building solar farms within the first 6 months after selling 50,000 Power Deed NFT and keep expanding all around the world


We will also look into building floating solar panels that can be used on the sea where tidal waves are minimum making solar power production cheaper as land price on the sea is cheaper.


We want to technology transfer and research more efficient solar panels and inverters and patent the product within the 2 years


We want to open a solar panel and inverter factory and production line to produce a cheap cost effective system within the 2-3 years


We want to shut down at least 1 coal plant due to the availability of enough green energy within the 7 years


We want to shutdown 1 nuclear reactor due to the abundance of green energy within the 15 years 


99,999 Maximum supply which will be distributed as :

  • 10,000 Presales @ 0.01 to 1.00 Ethereum each (the price will increase by 0.0001 Ethereum each)
  • 40,000 Crowd Sales @ 1.00 – 10.00 Ethereum each by increasing the floor price
  • Remaining 49,999 Power Deed NFT will be dynamically locked to create scarcity , this NFT could be sold if needed to expend solar farms or open more factories at a rate not more than 1000 Power Deed NFT a month and not lower than the floor price.
  • This will stabilize the floor price and create an equal opportunity for many to own this power Deed NFT, the only difference is , what price? 10 Eth each or 50 Eth each or 100 Eth or more each depending on how the community, branding, founder and marketing takes it.

As we see from the case study of bitcoin , at initial stage , there were many skeptics that didn’t believe in the power of bitcoin, once they started to hold bitcoin themself , they automatically became an advocate hence pushing the price upwards .


This holds true for Power Deed NFT , if more people holds them , they will truly understand the value of this and flexing their social responsibility values on social media and metaverse , pushing this deeds higher in value. It’s free branding and marketing for the Power Deed NFT community.



That’s our goal


We are creating a real world application product that the main purpose is long term , there many NFT that follows the typical pump and dump scheme that hurts the community in long run which only benefits the founding group. This kind of NFT becomes popular fast and once the hype is over, the price drops significantly or enters an exit scheme


Power Deed NFT ideally will only increase in value as the demand for green energy or electricity in general is always on the rise. By researching better and manufacturing our own better quality solar panels , we can dominate the world solar panel production at staggering speed and dominating the global energy race.


The community does not flex their Power Deed NFT card enough which will slow ourbranding and marketing progress


Price of Ethereum drops significantly which is out of our control will lessen our capital seed funding


Slow research and development which will cause our patent and new product development delayed


The sun, which is our primary source of power, goes supernova.



With this proud badge to we worn by us and Power Deed NFT community, with great pleasure to make a difference in this world leaving a legacy with the overall investors experience in mind because we understand that our investors are a real community


We are a team of engineers , IT  professionals and marketing experienced individuals that sat together wanting to make NFT  during this NFT hype in 2021 but we don’t want to just create any NFT with random pictures  which serves not much purpose and value determined by speculation alone 


Hence we rather develop a more better world by providing green energy to the world while building a community that we can nurture, build and apply ideas, build solar farms, research new solar technologies, build solar manufacturing factories, and have fun while at it as a community.


More importantly we want to  be known as a spearheading community that made a difference in this world for the better.  Power Deed community is committed to giving its Investors real and long-term valuable  benefits and leveraging various result-oriented marketing tools to expand this community, 


We invite you all for this journey.  


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